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— This work proposes a system for automatic recognition of vehicle license plate. Three phases are involved in the process: image acquisition, plate recognition and post-processing. New algorithms for the second phase are described herein. The system first locates the plate in the image, and then it segments the characters of the plate and recognizes them.(More)
A low computational cost technique is presented for boundary detection inspired by the human visual system perception. The current contributions are a chromatic color difference color model, a morphological texture suppression filtering, and a neighborhood related edge thinning. The proposed dRdGdB color model defines a RGB inter-component color difference,(More)
— A new self-organizing map with variable topology is introduced for image segmentation. The proposed network, called Local Adaptive Receptive Field Self-organizing Map (LARFSOM-RBF), is a two-stage network capable of both color and border segment images. The color segmentation stage is responsibility of LARFSOM which is characterized by adaptive number of(More)
In this paper, it is introduced a low computational cost technique for grayscale thinning, being also capable of thinning binary images. The technique uses an iterative procedure that constructs a topological stack of eroded and smoothed images, on which the neighborhood related local maxima pixels are morphologically thinned. For grayscale intensity(More)
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