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We have recently shown that the sensitivity of single- and multiple-quantum NMR experiments of half-integer (N/2) quadrupolar nuclei can be increased significantly by introducing so-called double frequency sweeps (DFS) in various pulse schemes. These sweeps consist of two sidebands generated by an amplitude modulation of the RF carrier. Using a(More)
The plant secondary cell wall is a thickened polysaccharide and phenolic structure, providing mechanical strength to cells, particularly in woody tissues. It is the main feedstock for the developing bioenergy and green chemistry industries. Despite the role that molecular architecture (the arrangement of biopolymers relative to each other, and their(More)
We show for the first time that it is possible to acquire high-resolution heteronuclear NMR correlation experiments in solid state between second-order-broadened half integer quadrupolar nuclei (i.e., 27Al and 17O) using the scalar J-coupling. The sensitivity of the experiment is dramatically improved at high fields (gain proportional to the fourth power of(More)
By means of the (1)H chemical shifts and the proton-proton proximities as identified in (1)H double-quantum (DQ) combined rotation and multiple-pulse spectroscopy (CRAMPS) solid-state NMR correlation spectra, ribbon-like and quartet-like self-assembly can be identified for guanosine derivatives without isotopic labeling for which it was not possible to(More)
Xylan and cellulose are abundant polysaccharides in vascular plants and essential for secondary cell wall strength. Acetate or glucuronic acid decorations are exclusively found on even-numbered residues in most of the glucuronoxylan polymer. It has been proposed that this even-specific positioning of the decorations might permit docking of xylan onto the(More)
Two-dimensional (1)H double-quantum and (14)N-(1)H & (1)H-(13)C heteronuclear magic-angle spinning (MAS) NMR spectra recorded at natural isotopic abundance identify specific intermolecular COOH···N(arom) and CH(arom)···O=C hydrogen-bonding interactions in the solid-state structure of an indomethacin-nicotinamide cocrystal, thus additionally proving(More)
Cocrystals and amorphous solid dispersions have generated interest in the pharmaceutical industry as an alternative to more established solid delivery forms. The identification of intermolecular hydrogen bonding interactions in a nicotinamide palmitic acid cocrystal and a 50% w/w acetaminophen-polyvinylpyrrolidone solid dispersion are reported using(More)
Two 3D experiments, capable of producing enhanced resolution two-spin double-quantum (DQ) homonuclear correlations for half-integer quadrupolar nuclei, are described. The first uses a split-t1 MQMAS sequence followed by a sandwiched oR(3) symmetry-based dipolar recoupling sequence to directly excite DQ coherences. In this case an isotropic single-quantum(More)
High-resolution solid-state (2)H MAS NMR studies of the α and γ polymorphs of fully deuterated glycine (glycine-d(5)) are reported. Analysis of spinning sideband patterns is used to determine the (2)H quadrupole interaction parameters, and is shown to yield good agreement with the corresponding parameters determined from single-crystal (2)H NMR measurements(More)