Dino Lovric

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This paper presents a novel time-harmonic electromagnetic model for determining the current distribution on conductor grids in horizontally stratified multilayer medium. This model could be seen as a basis of the wider electromagnetic model for the frequency-domain transient analysis of conductor grids in multilayer medium. The total number of layers and(More)
In this paper the lightning current function proposed in IEC 62305–1 is approximated by a linear combination of exponential functions in the time domain, which will afterwards be analytically transformed into the frequency domain. The unknown coefficients of the exponential approximation are computed using the least squares method. Lightning current(More)
In this paper, a frequency-domain-based transient electromagnetic model of grounding system in horizontally stratified multilayer medium is presented. The basis of the model is an improved version of the time-harmonic electromagnetic model of grounding system. Using the originally developed continuous numerical Fourier transform algorithm, the results(More)
Numerical models for computing low-frequency electromagnetic fields can contain spatial 2D finite elements, which are numerically most demanding due to problem of singularity. In this paper, an advanced time-harmonic quasistatic surface charge simulation method for computation of scalar electric potential and electric field intensity distribution is(More)
The accurate and fast computation of the per unit length (pul) internal impedance of rectangular conductors is required in electromagnetic analysis of various engineering and scientific problems where high current frequencies are involved [1, 2]. This pul internal impedance of a rectangular conductor can also be used in more complicated conductor structures(More)
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