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A class E RF amplifier, which can operate into any load conditions without need for other additional circuitry to protect transistors, is introduced. This is provided by a new topology which incorporates inductive clamp circuitry to the basic class E amplifier circuit. Class E amplifiers with this topology can be used in plasma applications where the load(More)
  • D. Lincoln, John C. Mitchelly, Andre ScedrovzAbstractA
  • 2007
A class of linear logic proof games is developed, each with a numeric score that depends on the number of preferred axioms used in a complete or partial proof tree. The complexity of these games is analyzed for the np-complete multiplicative fragment (mll) extended with additive constants and the pspace-complete multiplicative, additive fragment (mall) of(More)
There are moments within the process of creating an artifact, for instance at the initial requirements gathering or in the assessment phase, that users input data is collected. There may be an impact directly on the results of the analysis of this data if, for some reason, this data input is not accurate. This paper will focus on a specific phenomenon,(More)
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