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In a sample of patients with schizophrenia, four clusters were identified and service use and relatives' satisfaction analyzed. In the first cluster, patients' severity of illness was mild and their use of services low. In the second, patients' disability was more severe; psychiatric symptoms were low in severity, family burden was moderate, and use of(More)
OBJECTIVE The study of the relation between treatment costs and disability of psychiatric patient groups. DESIGN Perspective assessment of costs and disability of 1371 adult psychiatric patients in charge at two Operative Psychiatric Units (OPU), followed during an average period of 9 months. Data are related to all OPU's psychiatric services, including(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate psychopathological symptoms, disabilities and family burden in schizophrenic patients and to analyse predictors of family burden and relatives' satisfaction. DESIGN Descriptive study of 203 patients with an ICD 10--F2 diagnosis (schizophrenia and related disorders) in contact with the Desio Department of Mental Health on 31st(More)
AIMS Evaluation of community residential facilities effectiveness in the Department of Mental Health of Desio (Milan). METHOD Outcomes in symptoms, disability, family burden and quality of life were evaluated during one year through a longitudinal study, using a pre-test and post test design without control group. RESULTS Residential care is effective(More)
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