Dino Klein

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Keywords: Impinging jets Enhanced heat transfer Thermal management of electronic and optical components a b s t r a c t Recent technological developments have lead to significant increase in the generated heat by electronic and optical components. The removal of high heat fluxes can be successfully treated by several methods, e.g. impinging jets. Further(More)
The actual condition of vegetation cover is represented by its spectral signature. Photosynthetic active vegetation is characterized by a low reflectance in the red and a high reflectance in the near infrared spectra. This specific feature is used to calculate different vegetation indices. One index is the MERIS Global Vegetation Index (MGVI), the other one(More)
The structure of hard, hyperspherical fluids in dimension one, two, three, four, and five has been examined by calculating the pair correlation function using a Monte Carlo simulation. The pair correlation functions match known results in one, two, and three dimensions. The contact value of the pair correlation functions in all the different dimensions(More)
– Mountainous regions are especially vulnerable to climate and land use change. For a monitoring of subtle changes detailed and continuous land cover information is necessary. Therefore vegetation cover fractions are derived for the Naryn river catchment in Kyrgyzstan using a remote sensing multi-scale approach. First a very high resolution QuickBird image(More)
summary, we have successfully produced highly ordered arrays of single-crystalline antimony nanowires with diameters of 40 nm in porous anodic alumina membranes by pulsed electrodeposition. The results of XRD and HRTEM indicate that the nanowires have a uniform hexagonal antimony single-crystalline structure and grow along the [112 Å 0] direction. The(More)
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