Dino Fugazza

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We present 13 epochs of near-infrared (0.8–5 μm) spectroscopic observations of the pre-transitional, " gapped " disk system in SAO 206462 (=HD 135344B). 0.8446 μm line of O i) along with continuum measurements made near the standard J, H, K, and L photometric bands were measured. A mass accretion rate of approximately 2 × 10 −8 M yr −1 was derived from the(More)
The only supernovae (SNe) to show gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) or early x-ray emission thus far are overenergetic, broad-lined type Ic SNe (hypernovae, HNe). Recently, SN 2008D has shown several unusual features: (i) weak x-ray flash (XRF), (ii) an early, narrow optical peak, (iii) disappearance of the broad lines typical of SN Ic HNe, and (iv) development of(More)
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