Dinko Vidović

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Incisional hernias occur primarily as a result of high tension and inadequate healing of a previous incision, the latter of which is frequently related to infection at the surgical site. Despite recent advances in operative techniques, the recurrence rate remains unacceptably high. To evaluate the impact of different predisposing factors for the recurrence(More)
INTRODUCTION Distal tibial or pilon fractures are usually the result of combined compressive and shear forces, and may result in instability of the metaphysis, with or without articular depression, and injury to the soft tissue. The complexity of injury, lack of muscle cover and poor vascularity make these fractures difficult to treat. Surgical treatment of(More)
The aim of this prospective randomized clinical study was to evaluate the magnitude of bone mineral changes as well as the clinical results after cemented and cementless haemiarthroplasty (HA) for femoral neck fracture. The study was comprised of 60 patients (mean age 85.2 years); 30 of them underwent cemented HA and 30 cementless HA. All patients underwent(More)
Popliteal cyst, also called Baker's cyst, is a popliteal fossa enlargement filled with synovial fluid. Baker's cysts can be symptomatic and cause considerable pathologies such as thrombophlebitis, compartment syndrome and even nerve entrapment. It is the most common nonvascular pathology seen in the popliteal fossa but clinically indistinguishable from deep(More)
Inguinal hernia repair is a common worldwide surgical procedure usually done in the outpatient setting. The purpose of this systematic review is to make an evidence-based meta-analysis to determine the possible benefits of regional (neuraxial block) anesthesia compared to general anesthesia in open inguinal hernia repair in adults. Cochrane Library,(More)
Whereas open Lichtenstein inguinal herniorrhaphy is generally accepted as a safe, well-understood method with a high success rate, the laparoscopic repair of a inguinal hernia is a fairly recent technique. Although the laparoscopic approach to a hernia repair procedure is associated with less pain and faster recovery than open repair, many surgeons are not(More)
We report a case of spleen abscess cased by foreign body (gossypiboma) after 40 years. After physical examination, laboratory, ultrasonography and CT findings with diagnosis of acute abdomen, 73 years old woman had undergone laparatomy. Operation revealed intraabdominal spleen abscess. Capsulotomy and drainage of the collection was performed before(More)
A 67 year old female was referred to the Department of oral medicine due to the lesions on the gingiva where she applied 1% aqueous gentian violet due to the gingival inflammation. She applied gentian violet during two days, two times a day. The pain was worsening as well as extension of the lesions. She was advised to stop applying gentian violet and was(More)
Worldwide there is no general attitude on optimal surgical procedure in treatment of primary non-ampullary adenocarcinoma of duodenum, especially for early stage of duodenal cancer. Some authors prefer local excision and segmental resection while others rather perform duodenopancreatic resection, even in the case of early stage of duodenal cancer with aim(More)