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– We consider the binary consensus problem where each node in the network initially observes one of two states and the goal for each node is to eventually decide which one of the two states was initially held by the majority of the nodes. Each node contacts other nodes and updates its current state based on the state communicated by the last contacted node.(More)
— We investigate source coding in a cascade communication system consisting of an encoder, a relay and an end terminal, where both the relay and the end terminal wish to reconstruct source X with certain fidelities. Additionally, side-informations Z and Y are available at the relay and the end terminal, respectively. The side-information Z at the relay is a(More)
—We study packet streaming over an erasure channel with delayed feedback. We consider the lag in playback between the sender and the receiver as the performance criterion and propose and analyze schemes to minimize the lag. We show that at lower delays in feedback, purely retransmission based schemes are better than random linear coding schemes and also(More)
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