Dinh Toai Tran

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Like antibodies, aptamers are highly valuable as bioreceptor molecules for protein biomarkers because of their excellent selectivity, specificity and stability. The integration of aptamers with semiconducting materials offers great potential for the development of reliable aptasensors. In this paper we present an aptamer-based impedimetric biosensor using a(More)
The rising prevalence to food allergies in the past two decades, together with the fact that the only existing therapy is avoidance of allergen-containing food next to the implementation of anti-allergic drugs, urges the need for improved performance of current assays to detect potential allergens in food products. Therein, the focus has been on(More)
We have selected aptamers binding to lysozyme from a DNA library using capillary electrophoresis-systematic evolution of ligands by exponential enrichment. During the selection process the dissociation constant of the ssDNA pool decreased from the micromolar to the low nanomolar range within five rounds of selection. The final aptamer had a dissociation(More)
A home-built fiber optic surface plasmon resonance platform (FO-SPR) was applied to directly screen PCR amplified DNA for mutations. The FO-SPR sensor was used for real-time monitoring of DNA duplex melting during high resolution temperature cycling. The signal of the DNA melting was enhanced by means of gold nanoparticle labels. This FO-SPR genetic assay(More)
Two new compounds, an isoflavone (1, 6-methoxybarbigerone) and a bipterocarpan (2, pachylobin) were isolated from the grains of Millettia pachyloba (Leguminosae), together with seven known compounds, 5-methoxybarbigerone (3), calopogoniumisoflavone B (4), durmillone (5), jamaicin (6), ichthynone (7), (-)-pisatin (8) and (-)-rotenone (9). The structures were(More)
In this study, the aim is to develop a population model based approach to optimize fruit harvesting strategies with regard to fruit quality and its derived economic value. This approach was applied to the case of tomato fruit harvesting under Vietnamese conditions. Fruit growth and development of tomato (cv. "Savior") was monitored in terms of fruit size(More)
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