Dinh Quan Nguyen

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In this paper, a new type of large-dimension reconfigurable suspended cable-driven parallel robots (CDPR) is introduced as a means to substitute for conventional methods of handing large and heavy parts across wide workspaces. The reconfigurability of the proposed CDPR offers better performances in term of workspace, flexibility and power consumption. A(More)
This paper addresses the simplification of cable model in static analysis of large-dimension cable-driven parallel robots (CDPR). An approach to derive a simplified hefty cable model is presented. The approach provides an insight into the limitation of such a simplification. The resulting cable tension computation is then used to solve the inverse kinematic(More)
This paper discusses the use of large-dimension reconfigurable suspended cable-driven parallel robots (CDPR) to substitute for conventional gantry nacelles that carry workers in an airplane maintenance workshop. The reconfiguration of the CDPR is considered as a multi-objective optimization problem with two performance indices. One criterion is the sum of(More)
The catalytic roles of ionic liquids (ILs) in the syntheses of 1,3-disubstituted ureas from the carboxylation of amines by CO(2) were experimentally and theoretically investigated. The carboxylation reaction of n-butylamine was greatly facilitated by the presence of an IL and the catalytic activity of the IL was strongly affected by the nucleophilicity of(More)
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