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Situation management systems are developing quickly nowadays. Among their vast applications, disaster management, homeland security and traffic management are of the most important ones. In domains above, the locations of people inside the observed areas are great sources of information. While we can put the accuracy of the location information first in(More)
News related to HIV/AIDS was marked in 2012 both by emerging therapies, as well as by the changes management strategies. Therefore, we will discuss the crucial issue of when to start antiretroviral therapy, which appears to be more and more early. Furthermore, after the U.S. validation of the pre-exposure prophylaxis for individuals at high risk of HIV(More)
Together with the rapid development of location-based services (LBS), the problem of privacy-preserving has gained much attention. Many techniques aiming at protecting user's privacy have been introduced such as obfuscation-based technique, <i>k</i>-anonymity. Although existing solutions integrate location privacy protection algorithms into the indexed(More)
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