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s Self-localization is a key function in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs). Many applications and internal mechanisms require nodes to know their location. Based on two different application environments and from the view of anchor nodes density, this paper proposes two new algorithms for distributed cooperative localization: Centroid-based with Preplaced(More)
We consider uncertain fractional-order linear time invariant (FO-LTI) systems with interval coefficients. Our focus is on the robust controllability issue for interval FO-LTI systems in state-space form. We revisit the controllability problem for the case when there is no interval uncertainty. It turns out that the controllability check for FO-LTI systems(More)
PID (proportional integral derivative) control is one of the earlier control strategies [59]. Its early implementation was in pneumatic devices, followed by vacuum and solid state analog electronics, before arriving at today's digital implementation of microprocessors. It has a simple control structure which was understood by plant operators and which they(More)
—This brief proposes a design method for a digital fractional order Savitzky-Golay differentiator (DFOSGD), which generalizes the Savitzky-Golay filter from the integer order to the fractional order for estimating the fractional order derivative of the contaminated signal. The proposed method calculates the moving window's weights using the polynomial(More)
This paper proposes a fractional-order total variation image denoising algorithm based on the primal-dual method, which provides a much more elegant and effective way of treating problems of the algorithm implementation, ill-posed inverse, convergence rate, and blocky effect. The fractional-order total variation model is introduced by generalizing the(More)