Dingxiang Cao

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We report on the experimental and theoretical study of the spatial fluctuations of the local density of states (EM-LDOS) and of the fluorescence intensity in the near-field of a gold nanoantenna. EM-LDOS, fluorescence intensity and topography maps are acquired simultaneously by scanning a fluorescent nanosource grafted on the tip of an atomic force(More)
We demonstrate plasmon-assisted energy transfer between fluorophores located at distances up to 7  μm on the top of a thin silver film. Thanks to the strong confinement and large propagation length of surface plasmon polaritons, the range of the energy transfer is almost 2 orders of magnitude larger than the values reported in the literature so far. The(More)
Pockels cell (PPC), which can use a thin crystal to perform the uniform electro-optical effect, is ideal component as average-power optical switch with large aperture. In this paper, the key problems in PPC are analyzed for repetition-rate application, and thermo-optical effects are simulated by means of numerical modeling when average power is loaded on(More)
The calculation model of fluorescence reabsorption and reemission with consideration of reflection on the boundary and material size using Monte Carlo method is proposed. To validate this stochastic model, experiments were conducted, and the calculated steady state spectra showed a good agreement with measurements. Using the absorption and fluorescence(More)
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