Dingtao Shen

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A simulated annealing (SA) based variable weighted forecast model is proposed to combine and weigh local chaotic model, artificial neural network (ANN), and partial least square support vector machine (PLS-SVM) to build a more accurate forecast model. The hybrid model was built and multistep ahead prediction ability was tested based on daily MSW generation(More)
Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR), a high-precision technique used for acquiring three-dimensional (3D) surface information, is widely used to study surface vegetation information. Moreover, the extraction of a vegetation point set from the LiDAR point cloud is a basic starting-point for vegetation information analysis, and an important part of its(More)
This paper focuses on studies of Danjiangkou Reservoir and its neighboring areas. This region is geographically important, but the frequent occurrence of geological disasters has severely threatened the security of people living in the area, as well as the Middle Route Project for the diversion of water from south to north China. We reconstruct this area(More)
Landslides are the most frequent type of natural disaster, and they bring about large-scale damage and are a threat to human lives and infrastructure; therefore, the ability to conduct real-time monitoring and early warning is important. In this study, a Web3DGIS (Web3D geographic information systems) system for monitoring and forecasting landslides was(More)
The union operation, one of the spatial analysis operations, plays an important role in the capability of GIS software. At present, many algorithms for this operation have been put forward; however, most of them have limitation on handling general polygons. In this paper, introducing the Trapezoidal-mesh data structure and the Split-and-Merge technique, an(More)
Flood damage assessment is an important part of assessing flood control in hydraulic engineering, flood risk mapping, and flood insurance claims. How to assess flood damage scientifically and accurately has been the emphasis and difficulty of flood disaster research. This article describes the present research status of flood damage loss assessments from(More)
The paper, mainly based on spatial data of monomer Internet bar in China's mainland, found support from technologies of GIS's strong spatial data analysis and probed into the spatial distribution rules of Internet bars in China's mainland, particularly in major cities and provinces in the East, Middle and West or those in national, provincial and city(More)
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