Dingming Wu

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The conventional Internet is acquiring a geospatial dimension. Web documents are being geo-tagged and geo-referenced objects such as points of interest are being associated with descriptive text documents. The resulting fusion of geo-location and documents enables new kinds of queries that take into account both location proximity and text relevancy. This(More)
Cancer stem cell (CSC) theory suggests a cell-lineage structure in tumor cells in which CSCs are capable of giving rise to the other non-stem cancer cells (NSCCs) but not vice versa. However, an alternative scenario of bidirectional interconversions between CSCs and NSCCs was proposed very recently. Here we present a general population model of cancer cells(More)
One major goal of large-scale cancer omics study is to identify molecular subtypes for more accurate cancer diagnoses and treatments. To deal with high-dimensional cancer multi-omics data, a promising strategy is to find an effective low-dimensional subspace of the original data and then cluster cancer samples in the reduced subspace. However, due to(More)
DNA methylation is vital for many essential biological processes and human diseases. Illumina Infinium HumanMethylation450 Beadchip is a recently developed platform studying genome-wide DNA methylation state on more than 480,000 CpG sites and a few CHG sites with high data quality. To analyze the data of this promising platform, we developed FastDMA which(More)
—We study the modeling and evaluation of a spatio-textual skyline (STS) query, in which the skyline points are selected not only based on their distances to a set of query locations, but also based on their relevance to a set of query keywords. STS is especially relevant to modern applications, where points of interest are typically augmented with textual(More)
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