Dingmin Liang

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The corrosion of Ag in an atmosphere of ozone and humidity with or without irradiation by ultraviolet (UV) light was investigated. A modified coulometric reduction technique was used, substituting sulphate solution for chloride solution, to prevent the spontaneous transformation of silver oxide corrosion product to chloride in the reduction solution. The(More)
In this study, the effects of experimental conditions including the MBR equipped novel device and different operating modes on permeate flux were studied. The results show that the MBR equipped novel device can reduce the resistance and enhance the flux, decreasing the total resistance ( t = 9.649) to 5.962 and increasing the permeate flux to 15-20 l/m hr.(More)
This study is to apply ultrasound to remove m-xylene, a volatile compound from aqueous solutions which causes environmental damage. High frequency ultrasound was used to investigate the effect of different operational parameters, such as m-xylene initial concentration, ultrasonic frequency and ultrasonic power. The degradation rate of m-xylene was increased(More)
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