Dingguo Chen

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BACKGROUND CASMIL aims to develop a cost-effective and efficient approach to monitor and predict deformation during surgery, allowing accurate, and real-time intra-operative information to be provided reliably to the surgeon. METHOD CASMIL is a comprehensive Image-guided Neurosurgery System with extensive novel features. It is an integration of various(More)
Point-based registration is one of the most popular registration methods in practice. During registration, we use external fiducial markers that are rigidly attached through the skin to the skull. Determining the coordinates of the fiducials without human selection is crucial for a fully automatic point-based image registration. In this paper, an image(More)
This paper presents a novel optical-electronic shape recognition system based on synergetic associative memory. Our shape recognition system is composed of two parts: the first one is feature extraction system (FES); the second is synergetic pattern recognition system (SPRS). Hough transform is proposed for feature extraction of unrecognized object, with(More)