Ding-xin Liu

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Plasma-liquid interaction is a critical area of plasma science and a knowledge bottleneck for many promising applications. In this paper, the interaction between a surface air discharge and its downstream sample of deionized water is studied with a system-level computational model, which has previously reached good agreement with experimental results. Our(More)
PURPOSES Inhibition of cerulenin on the endogenous fatty acid synthetic activities of oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC) and normal oral mucosa was assayed. METHODS Squamous cell carcinoma and normal oral mucosa were collected fresh from surgical specimens. The collected tissues were minced in RPMI 1640 and divided into 3 groups: cerulenin treated,(More)
Stratification of negatively charged species in electronegative discharges is a well-known phenomenon that can lead to various double-layer structures. Here, we report on the separation of electrons and anions in atmospheric-pressure electronegative microdischarges. In these discharges, electrons oscillate between the electrodes, moving across and beyond an(More)
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