Ding-wei Huang

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In this work, we propose the graphical representation for the empirical data of the impact factor rank-ordered distribution. The characteristics of the distribution can be directly visualized. Within the subject category of journal citation reports, the impact factor rank-ordered distribution systematically presents a clear evidence of the two-exponent(More)
This work studies the trends of co-author numbers in Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics, from 1960 to 2010. Journal data are analyzed to show the common trends across the disciplines. The single-author papers decline continuously over the years. The multi-author papers rise and fall following one another in succession. The data suggest that small-group(More)
Motivated by applications in scientometrics, we study the occurrence of first significant digits in Lavalette distribution and in double Pareto distribution. We obtain modifications of Benford’s law. When the exponents are small, significant deviations to Benford’s law are observed; when the exponents are large, the two distributions conform with Benford’s(More)
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