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Quality Assessment of Panax notoginseng from Different Regions through the Analysis of Marker Chemicals, Biological Potency and Ecological Factors
The results demonstrated that the high-quality notoginseng was produced from the emerging regions such as Kunming, Qujing and Honghe, which had higher ACA and saponin content than the notogineng produced in traditional regions suchAs Wenshan and Baise.
Study of neurotoxic effects and underlying mechanisms of aconitine on cerebral cortex neuron cells
Investigation of the neurotoxic effects and underlying mechanisms of aconitine on cerebral cortex neuron cells prepared from neonatal SD rats indicated that the maximal toxicity-concentration was 2% and the critical time were 30 s, 1 min and 20 min respectively, which resulted in the injuries of cells’ morphology and function.
Preparation and Evaluation of Andrographolide Solid Dispersion Vectored by Silicon Dioxide
Solid dispersion was found to form a unique structure to disperse the drug and release drug rapidly and displayed superior performance in rapid dissolution, providing a highly operability approach for improving the dissolution of insoluble natural products.
[Influence of metal ions on stability of 2,3,5,4'-tetrahydroxy stilbene-2-O-β-D-glucoside contained in Polygoni Multiflori Radix].
It's suggested that deionized water should be used in the preparation of decoction containing Polygoni Multiflori Radix in the clinic to avoid degradation of THSG and provides important information and reference about the influence of metal ions on the stability ofDecoctions in other traditional Chinese medicine that have unstable groups such as hydroxyls and unsaturated bonds.
Natural medicines for the treatment of fatigue: Bioactive components, pharmacology, and mechanisms.
It is a common phenomenon that people are in a sub-health condition and facing "unexplained fatigue", which seriously affects their health, work efficiency and quality of life. Meanwhile, fatigue is
Seeing the Unseen of the Combination of Two Natural Resins, Frankincense and Myrrh: Changes in Chemical Constituents and Pharmacological Activities
The latest research on the main chemical constituents and pharmacological activities of these two natural resins frankincense and myrrh are summarized, along with chemical and Pharmacological studies on the combination of the two.
A Novel Method to Mask the Bitter Taste of Berberine Hydrochloride: Powder Surface Modification
Powder surface modification technology is attempted to mask the bitterness of BH through changing the surface properties in vibromill and this effect was confirmed by three different kinds of methods.
Natural volatile oils derived from herbal medicines: A promising therapy way for treating depressive disorder.
The volatile oils of natural medicine and antidepressant drugs were compared and analyzed, and the application of volatile oils was explained from the clinical use and administration routes to help the development of potential anti-depressant medicine and provide new alternative treatments for depressive disorders.
Review of aromatherapy essential oils and their mechanism of action against migraines.
Aromatic plant essential oils can relieve migraine effectively, and these findings can be used as an important part of the development of anti-migraine drugs.
Toxic Constituents Index: A Toxicity-Calibrated Quantitative Evaluation Approach for the Precise Toxicity Prediction of the Hypertoxic Phytomedicine—Aconite
This manuscript proposed a toxicity calibrated contents determination method for hyper toxic aconite, called toxic constituents index (TCI), which is rather accurate, simple, and easy operation and it will be of great utility in studies of other foods and herbs.