Ding-hong Wu

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A novel, simple and accurate fingerprint method was developed using high-performance liquid chromatography-photodiode array detection (HPLC-DAD) for the quality control of Hypericum japonicum thunb (Tianjihuang), a Chinese herbal medicine used for the treatment of several bacterial diseases, infectious hepatitis, gastrointestinal disorder, internal(More)
Based on data observed in the blasting vibration test of the K107+157∼268 road slope and K107+730∼816 road slope of Hurongxie Expressway, an empirical formula for the blast vibration is obtained after the treatment of mathematical regression analysis. The vibration velocity of buildings at the different distance is calculated with this(More)
Based on analysis of Sanlihua talus slope formation mechanism in Yi-ba expressway, three-dimensional simulation model of the talus slope is established by FLAC<sup>3D</sup> in the paper. And then, considering on the load combination of natural self-weight, rainfall, earthquakes, human activities and so forth, the paper not only simulates the deformation and(More)
OBJECTIVE To study on the fingerprint of Gaoli ginseng Injection. METHODS SPE was used to purify samples. HPLC with DAD detector was used to analysis the samples of Gaoli ginseng Injection. Then the analogical degree of the chromatography was estimated by the software. RESULTS The fingerprints had 14 communal chromatsogram peaks, and the analogical(More)
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