Ding Zheng

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This study focuses on a new methodology to model a complex process of fuzzy rule acquisition from GIS data. The proposed method of neural fuzzy network described in this paper differs from the other methods in construction of the network by a simple representation of specific knowledge. Our goal is to use semantic If-Then rules instead of numerical values(More)
This study describes the complexity and diversities in the process of teacher learning. It examines a harmonious and supporting group learning through the construction of teachers'community of practice. Education reform in the era of knowledge economy requires teachers to be education practitioners, researchers, and innovators. Teacher learning is not only(More)
With the FPGA widely applied in embedded system, more and more quality problems related to FPGA began to expose. The verification efficiency of FPGA software needs to be improved urgently. This paper started with the concept of FPGA software, proposing two methods: testbench and assertion analysis to solve the problem of FPGA software verification on the(More)
—For automobile engine exhaust, the model of thermoelectric conversion system is established, numerical calculation of convection heat transfer and resistance characteristics of the channel is done. It has shown that with the intensified thermoelectric system, the heat transfer efficiency can be enhanced through convection heat transfer and acquire higher(More)
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