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Based on the process model CRISP-DM, this paper has solved E-marketing problems like network customer prediction and market segmentation. Each phase of this model was described firstly, and then its application in E-marketing was presented, which provides a complete description of all the steps, from understanding the problem domain to using the discovered(More)
Ontology plays the central role in the information system. A novel framework for data mining process is proposed, using ontology repository to integrate domain knowledge. Ontobase ontology repository is an implementation of our design to allow users and agents to retrieve ontologies and metadata through open Web standards and ontology service. Key features(More)
With the growth in the amount of data generated and collected, the need for automatically analyzing the data has received more and more attention from the business community in recent times. It requires some theoretical considerations, which are well understood and popularized throughout the community. The traditional dominant KDD process model offers(More)
Iron-loaded activated carbon was prepared and used as catalyst in heterogeneous catalytic ozonation of dibutyl phthalate (DBP). The catalytic activity of iron-loaded activated carbon was investigated under various conditions and the mechanisms of DBP removal were deduced. Characterization of catalyst indicated that the iron loaded on activated carbon was(More)
  • Ding Pan
  • 2009 Asia-Pacific Conference on Computational…
  • 2009
Data Mining is a dynamic research and development area that is reaching maturity, so it requires well-defined foundations, which are well understood throughout the community. The CRISP-DM process model seems to have become the dominant. A novel model for data mining is proposed in evolving environment, for continuous data mining. As the basis of the model,(More)
  • Ding Pan
  • 2010 International Conference on Artificial…
  • 2010
Knowledge discovery has received more and more attention from the business community for the last few years. One of the most important and challenging problems in it is the definition of discovery process model, which are well understood, efficiency, and quality of outcome. A conceptual infrastructure for knowledge discovery process is proposed with(More)
Nowadays, some enterprises have multiplicative ways of going about tax evasion, which becomes one puzzle in tax inspection. Tax inspectors to carry out rapid and accurate work have become extremely important. The traditional inspection case-selecting is mainly based on reported information. This method to judge the delineation of the characteristics of(More)
DW 2.0 was defined as the next-generation data warehouse architecture by Inmon. Metadata's importance and role in the DW 2.0 are recognized. The most important of DW 2.0 is the recognition of the lifecycle of data within the data warehouse. Base on the lifecycle of data and the decentralized metadata repository architecture, this paper developed a new(More)
XBRL uses internationally accepted network financial reporting standards to create a taxonomy which is allowed an exchangeable and extraction of data across all software and technologies. It make enterprise metadata repository involving XBRL metadata became one of the important research issues. The requirements of metadata management for XBRL documents and(More)