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Studies on collagen from the skin of channel catfish (Ictalurus punctaus)
Abstract Acid-soluble and pepsin-soluble collagens (ASC and PSC) were extracted from the skin of channel catfish ( Ictalurus punctaus ) and partially characterized . The collagen obtained in the
Extraction and properties of gelatin from channel catfish (Ietalurus punetaus) skin
Abstract Response surface method was used to determine the optimum operating conditions for extracting the gelatin from channel catfish skin. The optimal conditions for maximum gel strength are 68.8
Rheological properties of channel catfish (Ictalurus punctaus) gelatine from fish skins preserved by different methods
Abstract Gelatins were extracted from channel catfish skins preserved by different methods using 50 mmol/l acetic acid. Molecular weight distribution, gel strength and viscoelastic properties of
Study on Protective Effect of Meconopsis quintuplinervia Regel on Experimental Hepatic Injury in Micl
The toxic model of micl was producted by means of peritoneal injection using earthnut oil with 0.12% carbon tetrachloride and the hepatic necrosis model of micl was producted using p-acltaminophenol
Osmotic-Adaptation Response of sakA/hogA Gene to Aflatoxin Biosynthesis, Morphology Development and Pathogenicity in Aspergillus flavus
New insights on the development and evaluation of aflatoxin biosynthesis are provided and better understanding is provided on how to prevent Aspergillus infections which would be considered the first step towards the prevention of the seeds damages caused by A. flavus.
AflSte20 Regulates Morphogenesis, Stress Response, and Aflatoxin Biosynthesis of Aspergillus flavus
This study showed that the mitogen-activated kinase AflSte20 plays an important role in the growth, conidia production, stress response and sclerotia formation, as well as aflatoxin biosynthesis, in A. flavus.
Study on Chemical Constituents of Radix Isatidis
OBJECTIVE:To isolate the chemical constituents from Radix Isatidis.METHODS:The 95%ethanol extract of Radix Isatidis underwent silica gel adsorption.The portions eluted by different solvents were
HexA is required for growth, aflatoxin biosynthesis and virulence in Aspergillus flavus
The deletion of hexA gene reduced the production of asexual spores and lessened virulence on peanuts and maize seeds markedly, and there was a significant decrease of Aflatoxin B1 production in deletion mutant, when compared to wild type.
The membrane mucin Msb2 regulates aflatoxin biosynthesis and pathogenicity in fungus Aspergillus flavus
Results revealed that Msb2 plays key roles in morphological development process, stresses adaptation, secondary metabolism and pathogenicity in fungus A. flavus.
Effects of Polysaccharides From Auricularia auricula on the Immuno-Stimulatory Activity and Gut Microbiota in Immunosuppressed Mice Induced by Cyclophosphamide
Evaluating the immuno-enhancing effects of polysaccharide from Auricularia auricula provides useful information for its further application as an immune-stimulator in foods and drugs.