Ding - Li Yu

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The current study aimed to evaluate the efficacy and safety of palonosetron hydrochloride injection for preventing chemotherapy-induced moderate and severe nausea and vomiting. A multi-centered, randomly stratified, doubleblind, double-dummy, parallel-group and positive-controlled trial was performed. A total of 240 patients who underwent chemotherapy(More)
The objective of the study is to evaluate the clinical significance of screening for fetal spina bifida aperta by ultrasound examination and intracranial translucency (IT) measurement at 11–13+6 weeks of gestation. About 1,479 women at 11–13+6 weeks of gestation in our hospital in 2012 were included as observation group, and 1,608 women at 11–13+6 weeks of(More)
Abstract—Control of a semi-batch polymerization reactor using an adaptive radial basis function (RBF) neural network method is investigated in this paper. A neural network inverse model is used to estimate the valve position of the reactor; this method can identify the controlled system with the RBF neural network identifier. The weights of the adaptive PID(More)
The diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer have evolved into the era of precision medicine. Liquid biopsy, a minimally invasive approach, has emerged as a promising practice in genetic profiling and monitoring of lung cancer. Translating liquid biopsy from bench to bedside has encountered various challenges, including technique selection, protocol(More)
Event-driven architecture not only shares many of the same characteristics with service-oriented architecture, such as modularity, loose-couplings, and adaptability, but also has ability to process event in an asynchronous way .So it is able to respond better to real-time changes and Integrate the system. This article is concentrate on a RIFD information(More)
To reduce the effects of single-event upsets (SEUs) on field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs), we propose anti-VPR, an anti-SEU algorithm. The Anti-VPR algorithm is based on VPR, a popular placement and routing tool. The proposed algorithm optimizes the FPGA place cost function and reduces the occurrence of errors, such as open circuit error and short(More)
Background: The technique of transforaminal endoscopic spine surgery is being widely used for lumbar degenerative diseases. But the interlaminar endoscopic surgery, which is more familiar and easier to be operated for spine surgeons, is more easily applied by traditionally trained surgeons. Objective: We propose the technique of percutaneous endoscopic(More)
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