Ding-Hou Wen

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The functional significance of the proteasome activator REGγ in the regulation of cell proliferation and apoptosis has been recognized. However, pathological contributions to tumor development remain to be elucidated. Both oncogenic proteins and tumor suppressors are targeted by REGγ for proteasomal degradation. It has been proposed that the role of the(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify the predisposing factors of deep neck abscess and review diagnosis and treatment experience. METHODS A respective review was conducted in 50 cases who were diagnosed as having deep neck abscess in this hospital from Jan. 1997 to Dec. 2002. RESULTS The causes of deep neck abscess were tooth diseases (3 cases), acute tonsillitis and(More)
The 20S proteasomes are large complexes that play crucial roles in protein quality control and in regulating many cellular functions in eukaryotic cells such as the cell cycle, transcription, cell signaling, cell death (Ciechanover et al., 2000). At least two families of proteasome activator complexes have been found, the 19S proteasome (also known as(More)
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