Dinesh Verma

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The concept of Reference Architectures is novel in the business world. However, many architects active in the creation of complex systems frequently use the term Reference Architecture. Yet, these experienced architects do not collectively have a consistent notion of what constitutes a Reference Architecture, what is the value of maintaining the Reference(More)
Since the 1980’s the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has used technology readiness level (TRL) as a means to assess the maturity of a particular technology and a scale to compare technologies. In 1999, the Department of Defense (DoD) embraced a similar TRL concept in their programs. The TRL scale is a measure of maturity of an(More)
One of the key issues in deployment of QoS is determining the set of applications or users, which are allowed to have a preferential access to network resources. The administrative criteria for regulating access to resources constitute the QoS policies. A policy could determine which of the reservation requests in the network be honored during the(More)
Identification of a need or a deficiency triggers conceptual system design. The first step in conceptual design is to analyze and translate the need or deficiency into specific qualitative and quantitative customer and design requirements. Design methods such as Quality Function Deployment (QFD), Parameter Taxonomies, and Input/Output Matrices (IOM) provide(More)
Brown tumors are erosive bony lesions caused by rapid osteoclastic activity and peritrabecular fibrosis due to primary or secondary hyperparathyroidism resulting in a local destructive phenomenon. The differential diagnosis based on histological examination is only presumptive. Clinical, radiological and laboratory data are necessary for definitive(More)
Numerous references make a case for the integration of logistics-related activities within the system engineering process. This is consistent with good system engineering practice and with concurrent and simultaneous engineering concepts. For the effective and efficient design and development of systems (products or processes) which are responsive to(More)