Dinesh Varshney

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Edusat Satellite is the satellite dedicated for fulfillment the needs of education and its effective usage requires a network comprising Hub, Teaching End (Studio) and Receiving Terminals. The present study is related with Edusat-network of Madhya Pradesh Bhoj (Open) University, which includes Hub dedicated for higher and distance education, Studio and 40(More)
Most of the web search engines use keyword based approach to search for needed information on the web. When a query is submitted by the user to the search engine, the web crawler tries to match the keywords with name of file, URL or the meta tags of the documents. Because of this, user may get many non-relevant documents along with relevant documents. It(More)
Higher education plays a leadership role in education. The present study is designed to measure the effectiveness of the process of admission and quality of teaching in university that offers courses through distance learning mode using Edusat satellite based education. It is a descriptive study and the sample of the study consisted of students as(More)
We report the results of the electrical resistivity and Seebeck coefficient as well as thermal conductivity measurements on the stoichiometric CaAl(2)Si(2) and non-stoichiometric CaAl(1.75)Si(2.25), CaAl(1.9)Si(2.1), CaAl(2.1)Si(1.9), and CaAl(2.25)Si(1.75) compounds in the temperature range 10-300 K. It has been found that the magnitude of electrical(More)
— This Paper is an attempt to understand the problems associated with education imparted in distance learning mode by Bhoj Open University, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. The paper also deals with the tentative possible solutions to minimise the problems. A study was conducted on 80 students of 2centres of different regions and data was collected related to hub(More)
We report the results of electrical resistivity, magnetic susceptibility and thermoelectric power measurements on the stoichiometric hole-doped La(0.8)Ca(0.2)MnO(3) and electron-doped La(0.8)Ce(0.2)MnO(3) manganites. The resistivity and thermopower data show a metal-insulator phase transition for both samples. Magnetic susceptibility measurement confirms(More)
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