Dinesh Sasi Kumar

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Real-time detection of moving objects involves memorisation of features in the template image and their comparison with those in the test image. At high sampling rates, such techniques face the problems of high algorithmic complexity and component delays. We present a new resistive switching based threshold logic cell which encodes the pixels of a template(More)
We report a resistance based threshold logic family useful for mimicking brain like large variable logic functions in VLSI. A universal Boolean logic cell based on an analog resistive divider and threshold logic circuit is presented. The resistive divider is implemented using memristors and provides output voltage as a summation of weighted product of input(More)
Brain inspired circuits can provide an alternative solution to implement computing architectures taking advantage of fault tolerance and generalisation ability of logic gates. In this brief, we advance over the memristive threshold circuit configuration consisting of memristive averaging circuit in combination with operational amplifier and/or CMOS(More)
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