Dinesh Mandalapu

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Developing handwriting recognition systems that are fast and highly reliable is a challenging problem that has become increasingly relevant following the broad acceptance of hand-held devices that use pen based handwriting inputs. Generative classifiers offer a promising solution in combination with discriminative classifiers for addressing this challenge.(More)
Pressure is a useful medium for interaction as it can be used in different contexts such as for navigating through depth in 3-D, for time-series visualizations, and in zoomable interfaces. We propose pressure based input as an alternative to repetitive multi-touch interactions, such as expanding/pinching to zoom. While most user interface controls for(More)
Hand gesture interpretation is an open research problem in Human Computer Interaction (HCI), which involves locating gesture boundaries (Gesture Spotting) in a continuous video sequence and recognizing the gesture. Existing techniques model each gesture as a temporal sequence of visual features extracted from individual frames which is not efficient due to(More)
With touch-based interfaces becoming commonplace on personal computing devices ranging from phones and slates to notebook and desktop PCs, a number of common tasks that were once performed using mouse or keyboard input now need to be performed using fingers on the touch surface. Finger-drawn gestures offer a viable alternative to desktop and keyboard(More)
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