Dinesh Kumar Sudalai Mani

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A field experiment was designed to investigate the effects of cadmium and lead on biomass production, sugar and vitamin C content of dietary vegetables. At seedling stage the reduction magnitudes in biomass production with added cadmium up to 50 mg kg−1 soils were 49–51 % in fenugreek root and 32.2–39.6 % in spinach leaf; while at 40 days after sowing(More)
Earthworms are segmented invertebrates that belong to the phylum Annelida. The segments can be divided into the anterior, clitellar and posterior parts. If the anterior part of the earthworm, which includes the brain, is amputated, the worm would essentially survive even in the absence of the brain. In these brain amputee-derived worms, the nerve cord(More)
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