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S tandardizing performance expectations across different outlets within a chain, differing in their individual features, their consumers, and the nature of competition they face, can be an onerous task. We develop an integrated, nonlinear, block group-level market share model of store expectations that draws upon the existing trade area as well as store(More)
With increased competitive pressures in the grocery retailing industry, managers have greater interest in measuring the productivity of the stores of their own chain relative to the other similar stores. In this paper, we measure and compare the inefficiencies of major grocery retailers across various formats and pricing strategies using stochastic frontier(More)
Due to the use of promotional pricing by supermarkets, there is considerable price variation across weeks within a store and across stores within a week. Consumers may therefore save on their groceries by (1) cherry picking over time (“when”) and (2) cherry picking across stores (“where”). The research focuses on three substantive research questions(More)
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