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5 6 Abstract 7 A unique method has been developed to scavenge energy from monocrystaline solar cells to power wireless router nodes used in 8 indoor applications. The system's energy harvesting module consists of solar cells connected in series-parallel combination to scavenge 9 energy from 34W fluorescent lights. A set of ultracapacitors were used as the(More)
Obesity is a global epidemic that imposes a financial burden and increased risk for a myriad of chronic diseases. Presented here is an overview of a prototype automated ingestion detection (AID) process implemented in a health monitoring system (HMS). The automated detection of ingestion supports personal record keeping which is essential during obesity(More)
Obesity is a worldwide epidemic and is an underlying cause for most major chronic diseases. In majority of cases the underlying cause for obesity is a greatly skewed imbalance between the food intake and the number of calories burnt by the patient. One of the first steps in managing obesity is the correct recording of food and fluids that are ingested in(More)
Sleep Apnea is a well-documented and chronic problem that can result in various life threatening disorders. Detecting and diagnosing sleep apnea requires a long duration sleep study that makes use of various sensor based monitors. The need for long duration sleep studies at a special care provider facility and lack of simple portable monitors result in many(More)
Sleep Apnea is a chronic and widespread problem that is characterized by periods of pauses in breathing during sleep. It can lead to several life threatening conditions if left undiagnosed. Conventional methods of diagnosing sleep apnea involve connecting the patient to various sensors to monitor several physiological parameters overnight in what is called(More)
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