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PURPOSE To compare intraocular pressure (IOP) measurements of the Ocular Blood Flow (OBF) pneumotonometer, Goldmann applanation tonometer, and Tono-Pen in eyes with normal corneas of various thicknesses. METHODS IOP was measured with an OBF pneumotonometer, Tono-Pen and Goldmann applanation tonometer in random order in 181 eyes with normal corneas.(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE To demonstrate suitability of moiré interferometry to assess and quantify laser-induced shrinkage of scleral collagen for buckling procedures. MATERIALS AND METHODS Scleral buckling of human cadaver eyes was investigated using a Coherent Ultrapulse CO2 laser. Projection moiré interferometry was employed to determine the out-of(More)
The nonlinear least squares problem is a special case of the unconstrained minimization problem. While a large number of new algorithms have been developed in recent years, both for general unconstrained minimization and the least squares case, comparative studies are limited. Further, there has been practically a revolution in algorithm testing and(More)
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