Dinesh Agarwal

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Windows Azure is an emerging cloud platform that provides application developers with APIs to write scientific and commercial applications. However, the steep learning curve to understand the unique architecture of the cloud platforms in general and continuously changing Azure APIs specifically, make it difficult for the application developers to write(More)
Dislocation of the shoulder is the commonest of all large joint dislocations. Inferior dislocation constitutes 0.5% of all shoulder dislocations. It characteristically presents with overhead abduction of the arm, the humerus being parallel to the spine of scapula. We present an unusual case of recurrent luxatio erecta in which the arm transformed later into(More)
OBJECTIVES To report our current methods of patient positioning, establishing the pneumoperitoneum, port placement, and helpful maneuvers during the procedure that have been refined over the course of our initial experience with robotic laparoscopic radical prostatectomy (RLRP). RLRP is gaining popularity as a minimally invasive technique for treating(More)
Molecular characterization and genetic diversity among 82 soybean accessions was carried out by using 44 simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers. Of the 44 SSR markers used, 40 markers were found polymorphic among 82 soybean accessions. These 40 polymorphic markers produced a total of 119 alleles, of which five were unique alleles and four alleles were rare.(More)
Pelvic lipomatosis is a rare disorder of benign mature adipose tissue proliferation around the bladder and rectum. Most cases are associated with proliferative cystitis, in particular, cystitis glandularis. The etiology of pelvic lipomatosis and its association with proliferative cystitis are not well understood. This is the first reported case of familial(More)
Blocked Foley balloons are occasionally encountered by many urological surgeons. A number of methods of removing a blocked balloon catheter have been advocated. They are usually invasive, time and resource consuming and often ineffective. A non-invasive, reliable and safe technique of deflating a blocked catheter balloon by inserting a Glidewire through the(More)
In experimental animals, sphincterotomyfacilitates passage of solids from the gallbladder andinhibits gallstone formation apparently by improvementin gallbladder emptying. In humans, however, gallbladder emptying has not been studied followingendoscopic sphincterotomy (ES) in patients withgallstones. We therefore prospectively studied restingand(More)
INTRODUCTION Laparoscopic assisted nephroureterectomy is a well established technique for managing the upper urinary tract urothelial cancer. However, management of the distal ureter remains a controversial issue. We describe a modified method of cystoscopic loop ligation and detachment of the distal ureter. TECHNICAL CONSIDERATION We performed(More)
GIS polygon-based (also know as vector-based) spatial data overlay computation is much more complex than raster data computation. Processing of polygonal spatial data files has been a long standing research question in GIS community due to the irregular and data intensive nature of the underlying computation. The state-of-the-art software for overlay(More)