Dinesh Agarwal

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Windows Azure is an emerging cloud platform that provides application developers with APIs to write scientific and commercial applications. However, the steep learning curve to understand the unique architecture of the cloud platforms in general and continuously changing Azure APIs specifically, make it difficult for the application developers to write(More)
A new hydrodynamic mechanism is proposed for the ion beam-induced surface patterning on solid surfaces. Unlike the standard mechanisms based on the ion beam impact-generated erosion and mass redistribution at the free surface (proposed by Bradley-Harper and its extended theories), the new mechanism proposes that the incompressible solid flow in amorphous(More)
Blocked Foley balloons are occasionally encountered by many urological surgeons. A number of methods of removing a blocked balloon catheter have been advocated. They are usually invasive, time and resource consuming and often ineffective. A non-invasive, reliable and safe technique of deflating a blocked catheter balloon by inserting a Glidewire through the(More)
GIS polygon-based (also know as vector-based) spatial data overlay computation is much more complex than raster data computation. Processing of polygonal spatial data files has been a long standing research question in GIS community due to the irregular and data intensive nature of the underlying computation. The state-of-the-art software for overlay(More)
Cloud computing is becoming mainstream for High Performance Computing (HPC) application development over the last few years. However, even though many vendors have rolled out their commercial cloud infrastructures, the service offerings are usually only best-effort based, without any performance guarantees. Cloud computing effectively saves the eScience(More)
Spatial overlay processing is a widely used compute-intensive GIS application that involves aggregation of two or more layers of maps to facilitate intelligent querying on the collocated output data. When large GIS data sets are represented in polygonal (vector) form, spatial analysis runs for extended periods of time, which is undesirable for(More)
Polygon overlay is one of the complex operations in computational geometry. It is applied in many fields such as Geographic Information Systems (GIS), computer graphics and VLSI CAD. Sequential algorithms for this problem are in abundance in literature but there is a lack of distributed algorithms especially for MapReduce platform. In GIS, spatial data(More)
The ion-irradiation induced synthesis of embedded Au nanoparticles (NPs) into glass from islands of Au on a glass substrate is studied in the context of recoiling atoms, sputtering and viscous flow. Cross sectional transmission electron microscopy studies revealed the formation of Au NPs embedded in the glass substrates by the 50 keV Si(-) ion irradiation(More)