Dinavahi V Bala

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Reproductive factors are not considered to play a significant role in the aetiology of breast cancer in low incidence regions like Gujarat, although it is well established that they exert a major influence on such tumours in the western developed world. Women in the western Indian region have a very low prevalence of smoking, alcohol consumption but a high(More)
BACKGROUND Men who have sex with men (MSM), a unique group of people, feel, and believe they will face hardships in society once their identity is disclosed, but this does not deter them from dressing and behaving like the opposite sex in public life or fighting for their rights. OBJECTIVES To study the mental health status of MSM and their determinants.(More)
Green chemistry expresses an area of research developing from scientific discoveries about pollution awareness and it utilizes a set of principles that reduces or eliminates the use or generation of hazardous substances in all steps of particular synthesis or process. Chemists and medicinal scientists can greatly reduce the risk to human health and the(More)
This study compared the validity of the haemoglobin colour scale (HCS) and clinical signs in diagnosing anaemia against Sahli's haemoglobinometer method as the gold standard, and assessed the reliability of HCS. The sample comprised 129 pregnant women recruited from 6 urban health centres in Ahmedabad. The prevalence of anaemia was 69.8% by Sahli's method,(More)
Introduction: Improving maternal health is one of the UN Millennium Development Goal. Birth of baby can trigger jumble of powerful emotions, but it may result Post Natal Depression(PND). This study was carried out to screen postnatal women suffering from depression. Aim and Objectives: (1) To study the prevalence of postnatal depression in rural areas of(More)
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