Dinamar Zanchet

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Anatomic hepatectomies are resections in which compromised segments or sectors of the liver are extracted according to the topological structure of its vascular elements. Such structure varies considerably among patients, which makes the current anatomy-based planning methods often inaccurate. In this work we propose a strategy to efficiently and(More)
Hepatectomies are resections in which segments of the liver are extracted. While medical images are fundamental in the surgery planning procedure, the process of analysis of such images slice-by-slice is still tedious and inefficient. In this work we propose a strategy to efficiently and semi-automatically segment and classify patient-specific liver models(More)
This work presents a set of tools developed to provide 3D visualization and interaction with large volumetric data that relies on recent programmable capabilities of consumer-level graphics cards. We are exploiting the programmable control of calculations performed by the graphics hardware for generating the appearance of each pixel on the screen to develop(More)
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