Dinah Miller

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Thirty-seven patients with chronic pain admitted to a 3-week inpatient pain program were interviewed using the NIMH Diagnostic Interview Schedule and the family history method. The most frequent psychiatric diagnoses were major depressive disorder (current episode = 32.4%, past episode = 43.2%) and alcohol abuse (40.5%). More than half of the patients had a(More)
This study examined the feasibility of collecting health risk behavior data from undergraduate students using a Web-based survey. Undergraduates were randomly selected and assigned randomly to a mail survey group and a Web survey group. There were no statistically significant differences between the two groups for demographics, response rates, item(More)
Profiles of adolescent female offenders in the literature suggest that these women have unique needs. Descriptions of selected characteristics and assessment considerations related to adolescent female offenders were synthesized from relevant research. Recommendations are discussed that propose changing educational programming in order to make curriculum,(More)
The author discusses ethical problems specific to practice with adolescents, a patient group which has special requirements in terms of their relations with authority figures and the kind and degree of external control they need. The psychiatrist who works with adolescents must be aware that his or her actions, attitudes, and personality can be crucial(More)
The authors delineate aspects of adolescent psychological development that should be considered in decisions regarding psychiatric residential treatment, reviewing the issue of consent to treatment in the context of developmental psychology. They state that rather than jettisoning the whole system of placing treatable disturbed young people in residential(More)
Three psychiatrist authors illustrate the impact of social media on their professional lives by reflecting on personal stories about their experiences with social media. They reflect on their experiences with listservs, chat rooms, online forums, blogs, podcasts, and other interactive media, while recounting actual stories involving those media. The impact(More)