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In recent years, the sketch-based technique has been presented as an effective method for counting stream items on processors with limited storage and processing capabilities, such as the network processors. In this paper, we examine the implementation of a sketch-based counting algorithm on the heterogeneous multi-core Cell processor. Like the network(More)
BACKGROUND The chemical property and biological function of a protein is a direct consequence of its primary structure. Several algorithms have been developed which determine alignment and similarity of primary protein sequences. However, character based similarity cannot provide insight into the structural aspects of a protein. We present a method based on(More)
Asynchronous systems consist of a set of transitions which are non-deterministically chosen and executed. We present a theory of guiding symbolic reachability in such systems by scheduling clusters of transitions. A theory of reachability expressions which specify the schedules is presented. This theory allows proving equivalence of different schedules(More)
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