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Two equal length strings <i>s</i> and <i>s</i>&#8242;, over alphabets &#931;<sub><i>s</i></sub> and &#931;<sub><i>s</i></sub>&#8242;, <i>parameterize match</i> if there exists a bijection &pi; : &#931;<sub><i>s</i></sub> &rightarrow; &#931;<sub><i>s</i></sub>&#8242; such that &pi; (<i>s</i>) &equals; <i>s</i>&#8242;, where &pi; (<i>s</i>) is the renaming of(More)
MOTIVATION A tandem repeat in DNA is a sequence of two or more contiguous, approximate copies of a pattern of nucleotides. Tandem repeats occur in the genomes of both eukaryotic and prokaryotic organisms. They are important in numerous fields including disease diagnosis, mapping studies, human identity testing (DNA fingerprinting), sequence homology and(More)
The dictionary matching problem seeks all locations in a given text that match any of the patterns in a given dictionary. Efficient algorithms for dictionary matching scan the text once, searching for all patterns simultaneously. Existing algorithms that solve the 2-dimensional dictionary matching problem all require working space proportional to the size(More)