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Effects of dimeric TNF receptor (p80) Fc (TNFR:Fc) on acute phase responses were evaluated in 18 volunteers given endotoxin (4 ng/kg i.v.). Subjects were randomized to receive either placebo (n = 6), low dose TNFR:Fc (10 mg/m2 i.v., n = 6), or high dose TNFR:Fc (60 mg/m2 i.v., n = 6). TNFR:Fc blocked plasma TNF bioactivity (p = 0.001) and increased, in a(More)
The basic helix-loop-helix (bHLH) transcription factor genes Hand1 and Mash2 are essential for placental development in mice. Hand1 promotes differentiation of trophoblast giant cells, whereas Mash2 is required for the maintenance of giant cell precursors, and its overexpression prevents giant cell differentiation. We found that Hand1 expression and Mash2(More)
AIMS To evaluate the relationship between patterns of rosiglitazone use and cardiovascular (CV) outcomes in the Veterans Affairs Diabetes Trial (VADT). METHODS Time-dependent survival analyses, case-control and 1 : 1 propensity matching approaches were used to examine the relationship between patterns of rosiglitazone use and CV outcomes in the VADT, a(More)
Previous works from our laboratory and others have shown that there is a PRL-like immunoreactive protein with immunological, chromatographic, and biological characteristics identical to those of pituitary PRL, and this is widely distributed in the rat central nervous system. Since pituitary PRL is important in controlling hypothalamic LHRH release, we have(More)
Alphaxalone is considered the anaesthetic of choice in neuroendocrine reproductive studies in female rats, since it appears to have little, if any, effect on release of gonadotrophin-releasing hormone. There has been less study of the effects of this anaesthetic on the male reproductive neuroendocrine axis, however. Accordingly, the time-dependent effects(More)
The effect of exposure to ethanol on hypothalamic LH-releasing hormone (LHRH) release in vivo was investigated in rats both acutely (i.p. injection) and after 3 days of administration, utilizing a permanent gastric cannula. In both designs, the animals were castrated before being given ethanol and, in both experiments, ethanol successfully lowered the(More)
Portable acquisition of biopotential signals requires the design of compact, energy efficient circuits and systems. Such systems typically include analog-to-digital converter for digitizing signals from AFE and feeding it to DBE. An Ultra low power ADC is designed in this work to be integrated within scalable EEG SoC. The full system can capture EEG signals(More)
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