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  • Dina Ralt
  • Cell Communication and Signaling
  • 2005
New multiple categories of health disciplines have become popular in the west and integration between the medicinal approaches has become essential. The hypothesis presented here suggests a novel integrative view that combines Western biochemistry with the Chinese medicinal concept of qi. The core for this hypothesis is that transmission of qi along the(More)
A recent attribution of vegetables to human health stems from their effect on the gasotransmitter nitric oxide (NO). This commentary proposes that a major reason for this attribution is that vegetables are rich in nitrates. Recent research has shown that nitrites and nitrates are not only inert end-products of NO oxidation. In addition, they can be recycled(More)
BACKGROUND Obesity the epidemic of our times appears to be a problem that is easy to resolve: just eat less and move more. However, this very common condition has turned out to be extremely troublesome, and in some cases even irreversible. METHODS The interplay between less muscle and more fat tissue is discussed from physiological perspectives with an(More)
We have investigated the ability of intestinal microorganisms from the rat, guinea pig and man to carry out heterotrophic nitrification. We have shown that some intestinal isolates can oxidize acetohydroxamate and hydroxylamine to nitrite. Moreover, one of the isolates, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, exhibited the greatest nitrifying activity reported in the(More)
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