Dina M Carrilho

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The use of many traditional medicinal plants is often hampered by the absence of a proper biochemical characterization, essential to identify the bioactive compounds present. The leaves from five species endemic to the Macaronesian islands with recognized ethnobotanical applications were analysed: Apollonias barbujana (Cav.) Bornm., Ocotea foetens (Ainton)(More)
Five novel metalloproteinase protein inhibitors (MPIs) with molecular mass between 5.6 and 8.9 kDa and acid/neutral pI were detected in lupin seeds and exhibited strong inhibitory activities against thermolysin and/or gelatinase B. These novel peptides constitute not only the first MPIs described in plants but also the first plant peptides with inhibitory(More)
Protease inhibitors play important roles in plants in association with stress. Trypsin inhibitors (TIs) in particular are known to act as protective agents against insect and pathogen attacks. The growing relevance of these inhibitors requires expedited techniques for their detection. By using the two-dimensional electrophoresis (2-DE) reverse zymography(More)
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