Dina Friedland

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This study investigated verbal fluency abilities in 30 healthy elderly English-Afrikaans bilingual speakers, and 6 bilingual subjects with Alzheimer's disease. Three 1-min semantic verbal fluency tasks (animals) were obtained in the bilingual mode, Afrikaans and English. Results were analysed in terms of total correct, and semantic clusters. There was no(More)
DIRECT is a multiprocessor database machine designed and implemented at the University of Wisconsin. This paper describes our experiences with the implementation of DIRECT. We start with a brief overview of the original machine proposal and how it differs from what was actually implemented. We then describe the structure of the DIRECT software. This(More)
This single case study investigated the use of Conversation Analysis (CA) in assessing pragmatic language difficulties after closed head injury (CHI). The aim was to see if CA captures the types of communication breakdown observed after CHI and whether results from CA can be directly related to scores on formal tests more typically applied after CHI. The(More)
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