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Implementation of the Database Machine Direct
The structure of the DIRECT software is described, which includes software on host computers that interfaces with the database machine; software on the back-end controller of DIRECT; and software executed by the query processors.
Design, analysis, and implementation of parallel external sorting algorithms
A modified merge-sort is proposed to use as a method for eliminating duplicate records in a large file and a combinatorial model is developed to provide an accurate estimate for the cost of the duplicate elimination operation (both in the serial and the parallel cases).
Exploiting parallelism for the performance enhancement of non-numeric applications
The design of computer architectures that use parallelism to enhance the performance of non-numeric applications and how the technology of mass-storage devices has affected this design is examined.
A Survey of Parallel Sorting Algorithms.
The authors of this report have conducted research in external parallel sorting algorithms and made some important contributions and their findings are also reported herein.
Irreflexive Banach spaces are imperfect
It is shown that irreflexive Banach spaces are imperfect: thus the “perfect” spaces are exactly the reflexive Banach spaces and “mixed” spaces do not exist.