Dina Fahmy

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Multiple plasma-hormone concentrations were measured in sequential plasma-samples from six women with breast cancer and were compared to concentrations in six control women matched for age, years since menopause, and parity. All hormone concentrations in all the women studied were within normal limits. However, within the normal range the(More)
42 patients with metastatic breast carcinoma were treated with aminoglutethimide, which inhibits adrenal steroid hormone synthesis. Treatment was stopped in 2 patients before response could be assessed; of the other 40, 15 (37.5%) had an objective response, 1 (2.5%) showed a response in bone but not in soft tissue, and 4 (10%) had complete or very great(More)
Antisera were obtained from rabbits immunised against cortisol-3-BSA with a view to examining their application in a radioimmunoassay of the steroid. One such antiserum was studied in detail; cross-reactivity with other C21 steroids normally present in human plasma was negligible and it proved possible to establish a radioimmunoassay which satisfied all(More)
An enzymeimmunoassay for plasma progesterone was established using progesterone covalently linked to the enzyme, horseradish peroxidase, as the 'label'. Separation of free and bound steroid was effected by Sepharose-coupled antiprogesterone-11alpha-hemisuccinyl bovine serum albumin antiserum (Sepharose-antisera). The enzymeimmunoassay satisfied the normal(More)
Chemoreceptor and chemotaxis signal transduction cascade genes of C. fetus subsp. fetus 82-40 show high level of similarity to that in C. jejuni and appears to include sixteen diverse transducer-like protein (tlp) genes that appear similar to nine of the twelve tlp genes in the C. jejuni NCTC 11168 with a percent identity ranging from 15 to 50%. Sixteen(More)
5-(3, 3-Dimethyl-l-triazeno) imidazole-4-carboxamide (DIC) is a well known anti-tumour agent undergoing clinical trial. It has the disadvantage of being very photo-sensitive. The related aryltriazenes, however , do not decompose in this fashion although they are acid labile, to an extent dependent on the ring substituents. In the case of 1-aryl-3,(More)
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