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We report the isolation of a novel vitamin K-dependent protein from the calcified cartilage of Adriatic sturgeon (Acipenser nacarii). This 10.2-kDa secreted protein contains 16 gamma-carboxyglutamic(More)
Bone Gla protein (Bgp or osteocalcin) and matrix Gla protein (Mgp) are important in calcium metabolism and skeletal development, but their precise roles at the molecular level remain poorly(More)
Matrix Gla protein (MGP) belongs to the family of vitamin K-dependent, Gla-containing proteins, and in mammals, birds, and Xenopus, its mRNA was previously detected in extracts of bone, cartilage,(More)
Matrix Gla protein (MGP) belongs to the family of vitamin K dependent, Gla containing proteins and, in mammals, birds and Xenopus, its mRNA has been previously detected in bone, cartilage and soft(More)
In this study, the tissue distribution and accumulation of osteocalcin or bone Gla protein (BGP) and matrix Gla protein (MGP) were determined during tooth development in a teleost fish, Argyrosomus(More)