Dina Berkeley

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Two children with antral nodular hyperplasia and active chronic gastritis associated with Campylobacter pylori are reported. The organism was observed by scanning electron microscopy and cultured from antral biopsies obtained at endoscopy from each patient. Anti-C. pylori IgG was detected in high titre in both patients together with serum IgM in one(More)
As part of a pilot study for a larger project on provision of abortion counseling within general practice, a retrospective study was conducted of the demands made on a group general practice by patients who had been referred for an abortion between 1962-77 and who were currently registered with either of the 2 surgeries of the practice. A group practice of(More)
I McCartney RA, Banatvala JE, Bell EJ. Routine use of p-antibody-capture ELISA for the serological diagnosis of Coxsackie B virus infections. J Med Virol 1986;19:205-12. 2 Pugh SF. Heterotypic reactions in a radioimmunoassay for Coxsackie B virus specific IgM. J Clin Pathol 1984;37:433-9. 3 Bell EJ, McCartney RA, Basquill D, Chaudhuri AKR. p-Antibody(More)
The last two decades have witnessed an upsurge in the development and implementation of 'Health For All-type' initiatives in many parts of the world. However, despite the popularity of the approach, barriers and constraints to the fulfillment of their remit still persist, making it difficult for them to achieve the potential originally envisaged. Drawing(More)
This paper discusses issues involved in decisions to bear a child given the knowledge that the child may be subjected to a genetic risk. It argues that the problem of whether to take the risk or not is predicated on the way the prospective parents have conceptualised this risk and its effects. Five levels of abstraction are described at which this risk can(More)
The increased appreciation of the effects socio-ecological factors have on health, witnessed over the last few decades, has given rise to many international, national, and local Health For All (HFA) initiatives tasked with addressing them. However, such initiatives have had to operate within environments which were not specifically designed for them or for(More)
A 76-year-old man was hospitalized for pneumonia. Bronchoscopy was performed because of a suspected underlying bronchial malignancy. A squamous cell carcinoma was found on bronchial biopsy, but in addition, culture of the bronchial washings grew Salmonella heidelberg. The infection was successfully treated with tetracycline. Although focal and disseminated(More)
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