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OBJECTIVES Cognitive impairment is a common problem among the elderly and is believed to be a precursor to dementia. This study aimed to explore the effectiveness of a combined dance and relaxation intervention as compared to relaxation alone in reducing anxiety and depression levels and improving quality of life (QOL) and cognitive function among the(More)
Short- and long-term effects of a new marital enrichment program (MEP), based upon Sager's contractual model of couple functioning, were evaluated using both self-inventories (DAS, MCI) and behavioral scales (MICS). Couples were randomly assigned to either no-treatment control conditions or the 20-hour long MEP. Evaluations of marital functioning of both(More)
A marital enrichment program, based on Sager's contractual model of couple functioning, was analyzed to see which of its components were linked to good and/or improved marital adjustment, communication and problem-solving skills. Nineteen couples underwent the eight-week program, and were pre- and posttested on the Dyadic Adjustment Scale, the Marital(More)
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